Why Duncan Hider is doing the right thing for Delicatessens and Farm Shops

Hider+Delishops Food Products

An Old Firm Breaking the Mould

Hider Foods is a third generation Food Wholesaler based in Hull. Duncan Hider is the current boss, a new(-ish) broom in an old warehouse. Hider Foods has had a number of challenges recently, as have every wholesaler in the last few years. The most significant was bringing on a new stock system to replace one that dated back to green screens.

However, 1 step back, 5 steps forward. In a moment of extreme foresight Duncan saw a way to help his retail customers in a way that no one else was doing.

Duncan can now offer every one of his wholesale customers an eCommerce website that sells the Hider Warehouse direct to their consumers.

The Hider family mantra is that their wholesale customers are the most important thing, supporting them is paramount. Offering a better range, better service, better delivery is what upgrading the company’s IT was all about, however much new IT is a challenge (and it has been).

But that is not enough. As a business that has been in partnership with retailers for three generations, has sat on the steering committee of the Guild of Fine Food, has been to industry trade shows going back 50 years, Hider knows better than most that independents need as much help as they can get.

Supporting Retailers

HIder are sponsoring Free eCommerce solutions for their customers. By sponsoring free eCommerce solutions, including eCommerce that sells the Hider Catalogue, Hider gives Delicatessens and Farms Shops access to

✔ A low cost route to growing their business

✔ brand new streams of income

✔ increasing their customers’ choice, with over 100 brands and 1,000 products available

It is a jump start into the world of eCommerce, a soft way for businesses to dip a toe without any financial or commercial risk. Hider Foods have put their money in so Retailers don’t have to. All they have to do is sell more products, something Retailers already know how to do.

Supporting Producers

Producers need help too. The Hider delishops programme automatically adds the new producers Hider stock sell B2C. Retailers may not want to stock brands they haven’t seen prove themselves. The Hider B2C network gives those producers virtual space in each Retailers’ shop, a valuable shop window. This

✔ gives more routes to market for small producers

✔ helps draw Retailers’ attention to new producers

✔ gives a way for Retailers’ to trial new products with low investment

This will encourage innovation and give important revenue to producer start-ups.

This kind of innovation is all the more necessary as we recover from Covid.

All in all, Hider is jumping ahead in offering support to independent Farm Shop and retailers.

Posted by Charlie Turnbull, Founder on Sep 15, 2020 12:06:00 PM
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