The Power of Forward Orders to Farm Shops and Delicatessens

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Why your website needs to have Forward Ordering

Forward orders are opportunities to order and pay for something in advance on your website. There are so many reasons a Farm Shop or Delicatessen should enable forward orders - here are just a selection of what the better shops are doing:

  1. Predicting demand: Forward orders lets you note customer demand and trends in advance
  2. Managing high risk products: Forward orders allows you to stock short life products that would otherwise be too risky
  3. Manage your production: forward orders cuts down wastage on made-to-demand lines
  4. Build anticipation: Forward orders increases anticipation by your customers
  5. Marketing content: Forward orders gives you reasons to talk to your customers
  6. Don’t lose the race for Christmas sales: Supermarkets will beat you to it
  7. Better cash flow: Forward orders improves cash flow whether pre-payments or deposits
  8. Starts Christmas without Santa: Forward orders allows you to talk about Christmas without it seeming to be going “too early”
  9. Improves your reliability: Forward orders removes uncertainty for your customers that you will have what they need
  10. Stop them forgetting: with pre-ordering customers can act immediately and you haven't lost their attention
  11. Send the reminders: once they have ordered, send them reminders. It’s an opportunity to upsell
  12. Advertise your best products: Forward orders can showcase and reinforce what everyone knows you are best at
  13. Have an added extra ready to go when they collect: upsell upsell upsell
  14. Increase your basket spend: You can use forward orders for marketing add-on items like biscuits for cheese, red currant jelly for turkey
  15. Upselling: following up on forward order enquiries gives you an opportunity to upsell
  16. Come back next year: this year sales are next year’s hot sales calls
  17. Create discussion in the home: The customer feels you are part of their annual tradition
  18. Get your customer satisfied early: Customer like to get things “sorted” in advance of big occasions
  19. Access previous pay days: customer can order and pay before the October and November pay days
  20. Early Bird discounts: Forward orders can be part of incentive to buy early schemes
  21. They order before you buy: Forward orders allows you to order in if necessary
  22. More value for your regular newsletters: customer are more receptive to newsletters and bulletins if they are in the habit of forward ordering
  23. Order for lunch, order for supper: forward orders need not be about order days or weeks in advance – forward orders for soup at lunch time or a lasagne to pick up on the way home are good business
  24. Post your menu and let them order in advance: forward orders allow you to post your daily or weekly specials for takeaway
  25. Orders for events: Forward order systems can be good for taking bookings for events such as Mother’s Day teas or Cheese tastings
  26. Links to go in social media: if it’s on your website, it can become a call to action on Facebook, Instagram, twitter or more.
  27. Click & Collect: customers can send in their son/husband/gardener to collect pre-paid orders
  28. Match orders to events: Its Vacherin day! National Chocolate day! Charlie’s Special Casoulet Week. Order here to avoid disappointment
  29. Launch ranges for other people’s events: Picnics for school sports days, Glyndebourne hampers, Packed lunches for football games; OAP lunches
  30. Focus offers on specific demographics you want to attract: pre-order for teachers gifts, for Gay Pride, new mothers discounts.

And the most important of all – collect those names and customer emails! If they liked you once you can re-market them for every other event of the year, within reason.

Forward ordering is one of the most powerful tools in your armoury if you use it right. They become a marketing tool without giving any margin away

Make sure your website has forward ordering.

Posted by Charlie Turnbull, Founder on Sep 29, 2020 12:07:00 PM
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