How you can get Hider Foods to cover the costs of your eCommerce

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Being online, it’s essential. But can you get someone else to pay for it?

The new eCommerce service by Hider Foods is as cost effective as it is revolutionary. Hider Foods are one of the biggest wholesalers in the independent food sector, selling over 100 brands from their premises in Hull. They have a turnover of over £20m. Maybe you already use them, they are a one-business Speciality & Fine Food Fair.

Like all businesses they are reinventing themselves to make better use of online tools, supporting their over 1000 wholesale customers, reducing their environmental footprint. As a third-generation family company, they are agile but need to find new ways to do more for those customers. That meant upgrading their IT and making it do something no one has done before.

What Duncan Hider is offering is revolutionary: you can get a FREE eCommerce shop that lets you sell your own products, AND your customers can order from over 1,000 products directly from the Hider warehouse. And you can 15% of each sale without having to touch a single product.

Selling someone else’s products is not wholly new, but it is new in the Farm Shop and Delicatessen sector. We are an industry dominated by independent business, without the capital or market presence to invest in national websites.

Hider’s creative solution means independent foods shops can be part of that solution, and can be the food hub of their community. All the advantages of a national service with the intimacy of a local shop.

And don’t forget you get your own shop as part of the arrangement, for free. You NEED to be online, even if it’s only half a dozen Hampers, your home cooked hams, cheese at Christmas, or your ready meals for pre-order only.

That is

✔ No development costs

✔ No hosting costs

✔ No IT bills at all

Hider’s partner is Delishops, and they do low cost subscription websites from £39 per month if you need a full website. But you don’t need to - use your existing website or you can simply attach your Hider delishop to your Facebook page.

Innovation means sometimes building partnerships – and your asset on the table is your deep local roots in your community. Hider’s asset is a warehouse full of products they want, more than you can stock in your shop. This unique programme is a win for everyone.

Posted by Charlie Turnbull, Founder on Sep 1, 2020 12:04:00 PM
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