Free pre-stocked eCommerce Solution: 1000 products available for your customers to buy. 

Hider Foods and Delishops have joined forces to create online shops for independent retailers pre-stocked with 1,000s of products held and dispatched by Hider. It is designed to give Farm Shops, Delis and other independent businesses the ability to safely earn revenue and keep serving their customers in this turbulent time, even if they are closed. 

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Why are we doing this?

Our primary goal right now is to support independent Retailers. And help them to support their local community.

Hider Foods has been serving the independent community for many decades and sees corona as the biggest threat to the businesses they serve since they started up importing nuts and seeds 70 years ago.  The independent retail community are not only the majority of Hider’s customers, many are long time collaborators and have become personal friends.  Therefore making Retailers an essential part to the next evolution of Hider Foods is central to Duncan’s vision.  With Corona this has now become critical and urgent.

Using the Delishops network maintains the wholesaler to retailer to customer journey, yet embraces the innovation in 21st century consumer demand. More than that - right now it is a strong and valuable contribution to keeping the industry alive.

  • Retailers get 15% of everything bought from Hider sold through their Delishop
  • Retailers don’t handle any products – orders are dispatched direct from Hider to the customer.
  • Retailers can carry on trading online and stay safe while closed/reducing service
  • We want to maintain access for customers to small producers who are being side-lined right now


A Joint Venture

This joint venture between Hider Foods and Delishops to help Retailers continue to serve their customers and generate income at a very difficult time.

Hider Foods

A family-owned leading speciality food wholesaler based in Hull.  They have been working with independent retailers for three generations.


A start-up business founded by Charlie Turnbull to help SME food business buy, sell and have a better presence online.  Delishops can offer own-branded eCommerce shops (a “delishop”) which can list products dispatched and sold from multiple suppliers.



Initial Website Features

We've got big plans for the project going forward. But given the speed at which we are rolling it out, we are focusing on providing a solution that will help you to service your local community during this difficult time.

Open to all!

Any retailer can get a Delishop eCommerce website.

Your brand

Each Hider Delishop can be individually branded by the retailer.

Prepopulated key products

Hider will prepopupate each site with essential products so that you can be up and running instantly.

Dropship delivery

Prepopulated products are dispatched buy Hider and sent direct to the consumer.

Your products

Add your own products and sell them at your usual markup.

Money for nothing

Retailers get 15% of everything bought from Hider sold through their delishop.


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